Our range of services includes the following processes: search for and recruitment of professional employees, administration of labour relations, tax accounting and personnel records management, safe working conditions and quality of works. In effort to raise the awareness of the employees and employers, we provide consultations on all matters concerning labour relations.  

We hire a wide range of professionals and specialists of various fields of activity. Potential employers may choose from the following list: electricians, plumbers, welders, locksmiths, construction workers, drivers, builders, auxiliary workers etc. The hired personnel includes both qualified and unqualified but fast-learning and motivated employees.

When temporary employment or personnel hire is the best choice?

First of all, if you have scarce resources for personnel recruitment and administration; second, if you need an employee immediately for an uncertain period of time; third, if you need more employees, but you are not sure, if you wish to employ them under employment contracts, because you are not sure of the future perspectives of the company; fourth, if the company lacks employees of certain professions, for which it has not established job positions; fifth, if you wish to apply a longer than three-month probation period.  

Other services offered by our company
In addition to the main services provided by our company, we also offer recruited employees’ payroll administration services, employees’ files administration services and consultancy services.

Activity philosophy

We want to be an attractive employer for our employees and a reliable partner for our customers

Business goal

Continuous improvement of services and search for new employment opportunities

What job are you looking for?

Constantly improving our services and finding new recruitment options